DM0202000362560_IK_Town Council Of Outapi_30x3_080620Outapi Town Council:
Election of Office Bearers for the Members of Council held on 05 December 2019, the status quo/portfolio of members of council didn’t not change.

1. Hon. Selma N. Asino – Town Mayor & Chairperson of Council

2. Hon. Simeon Kavila – Deputy Town Mayor & Deputy Chairperson of Council

3. Hon. Immanuel S. Shikongo- Chairperson of Management Committee

4. Hon. Matheus Endjala – Deputy Chairperson of Management Committee

5. Hon. Victorina Neingo – Member of Management Committee

6. Hon. Namupa Shalongo – Member of Council

7. Hon. Matheus Ndeshitila- Member of Council