Olufuko Cultural festival

This is the most celebrated cultural festival in the Republic of Namibia
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|The Festival has a magazine (N$20.00) that is printed annually.

The new edition from July 2016 to June 2017 is available at the following places:

Windhoek: West End Supermarket (Formerly Louis Botha Store) (Windhoek West not far from the Islamic Centre)

Outapi: Outapi Town Council, Outapi MultiSave, Engen Service, Outapi Town Hotel and many other places

Olufuko Festival Promotional Video 2014 or Go to our Official Facebook Page

1. What is Olufuko?
Olufuko is a female initiation, under which girls between the age of 15-20 have to go through in order to become mature and marriageable women. It is performed by a woman called Namunganga.

.What is the main objective of Olufuko festival?
2.Among others, objectives of the festival are to:
2.1. inform, educate and entertain with the view to appreciate and enhance traditional and cultural identity.
2.2. create tourism opportunities.
2.3. enhance the purpose of unity amongst our people.
2.4. create awareness within the region through cultural, arts and agricultural activities.
2.5. preserve and promote culture and tradition.
2.6 Ā strengthen the local and regional economy.

When is it going to take place and where?
3. From 24-31 August 2016 and it will take place at Olufuko Festival site at Outapi.

Where is Outapi Town?
4. Outapi is in Omusati Region and it is the capital and administrative centre of the region.

How can one participate?
5. Application forms to book a stand can be downloaded from here

Word doc or PDF
fill in the application form and fax it to: 065-251128 or email; Olufuko@gmail.com

Who is hosting the event?
6. Outapi Town Council

How do I calculate the distance between Outapi and Windhoek?
7. Please use the international distance calculator here to calculate the distances between various locations.
The distance between Outapi and Windhoek is 890KM.
There are two ways of coming to Outapi using tarred roads from the Capital City Windhoek till, you reach Outapi.
(1) You can go by road from Windhoek to Okahandja, Otjiwarongo, Outjo, Kamanjab, Omakange, Tsandi then to Outapi or
(2) You can go from Windhoek to Okahandja, Otjiwarongo, Otavi, Tsumeb, Ondangwa, Oshakati, Oshikuku to Outapi.

Where can I get more information about Outapi Town?
8. Information about Outapi can be found on its website: www.outapitc.org.na or you can download a booklet titled Outapi Town Council, Investment Ready or watch Outapi Promotional video.

Who sponsored Olufuko Festival 2012?
9. Click here for the list of sponsors

Is there any publication about Olufuko Festival?
10. There is Olufuko Festival Magazine which covers highlights of the festival and it is only printed once a year.

Contact Person:
Ms Helena Tomas (Senior Manager: Finance, Outapi Town Council)

Other enquiries regarding Olufuko can be directed to the following persons

Contact Ms Nyeuvo Ekandjo at 065 - 251191/ 0812485193 kashikata2010@gmail.com

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